Founded in 2010, Casemachine Industries creates products to protect and enhance the technology that is essential to our lives. Casemachine products promote design simplicity and offer intuitive functionality to provide users with a fully integrated mobile experience.


Casemachine uses only the best and top quality materials to make smart phone cases. The company prides itself of choosing only unique, elite and hybrid composite blends of plastic and impact elastic TPU and Casemachine’s HDI silicone. Moreover, it exclusively uses aircraft grade aluminium accents as well as an extremely robust PPG-coated polycarbonate thermoplastic. The proprietary case materials provided by the company are coupled with CNC machines.

Casemachine aims at not only making sure your phone is always safe, but that it also looks beautiful and that it prevents damages. In fact, there is a wide use of exotic materials such as veneered carbon fibre and Alcantara Italian synthetic suede to make your phone look beautiful while providing it round-the-clock, uncompromising protection. Furthermore, the use of grip, anti-slip mechanisms and firm ergonomic curves to prevents damages during abrupt shocks and motions. Casemachine’s products are inspired by sports’ car and race cars design-like, meaning they are slithery curves, scoops, lines, and streamlined body.

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Street Media Distribution are very proud to bring Casemachine products to the UK

We hope that you will discover the engineering passion and beautiful design that is the basis of the entire Casemachine range.


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