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The Catalyst Pedal from Pedaling Innovations is the world’s best performing, most comfortable flat pedal.

The design of the pedal, first considers how the foot & lower leg optimally move, then applies this principle to the bike.


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The result is a patent pending design that supports your foot the way that nature intended, increasing power, efficiency, stability and comfort.


By providing a platform that lets you support both ends of the arch of your foot, the Catalyst Pedal supports your foot the same way the ground would, allowing for a more balanced, stable foot position and increased power transfer into the drivetrain.


How it works

The Catalyst Pedal features a full 128mm of contact space for your foot. This allows the pedal body to support both the ball of the foot and the heel while also resulting in a true mid-foot placement of the axle.

The Catalyst Pedal isn’t any wider than a normal flat pedal, at 95mm . This means that it disappears under your foot and doesn’t expose any extra pedal body to rock strikes. This also means that the Catalyst Pedal is actually smaller underfoot than any other “oversized” flat pedal.



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On the Catalyst Pedal, this foot position will make sure that you are able to support both ends of your arch. No other pedal on the market is long enough to accomplish this, which is what makes the Catalyst Pedal so effective.

Catalyst Flat Conventional flat pedal


Catalyst Pedal Details

  • Intended use: Improving pedaling dynamics by using a large platform to support the whole foot
  • Construction: 6061 aluminum
  • Duel sealed bearings & IGUS bushing internals
  • Dimensions 128mm x 95mm platform, 16mm thick
  • Weight: 505g
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Red, Blue
  • RRP: £79.99


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